SIDEC is the producer and supplier of AceCourt Tennis Infill. Sidec doesn't install the tennis courts.


   Same play characteristics (ball bounce, ball speed) as gravel courts
   Optically identical to gravel courts
   Minimum of maintainance (1 hour/court)
   No sweep after every match
   No need to spray in dry weather
   Resistant to all weather
   Almost always playable (more revenue)
   Perfect water permeability
   Indoor and outdoor
   Flat and stable surface
   No dust
   Life: between 10 to 15 years
   Playing surface for muscles and joints
   Suitable for wheelchair tennis


New construction or conversion

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In most cases, the building height is 50 cm and contains:

   Sand foundation
   Lava foundation
   Surface: stability matt with tennis infill


Regular maintenance by tennis club
   Every day: sweeping the court
   Every week: brushing the court and the lines
   Obstruct from leaves, paper, moss, glass, stones, chewing gum,...
   Occasionally, sprinkle the tennis infill on court, certainly on the most played places
   Inform the supplier about damages

Special maintenance by supplier
   Cleaning the tennis infill yearly
    Drainage control every three years